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Sebastian Richly, Sebastian Goetz, Sandro Schmidt and Uwe Assmann

Abstract: The workflow management systems domain today is completely fragmented. For each purpose various solu- tions with different specializations exist. Even for standardized process languages, many different extensions and engines exist. If new requirements, domains or standards emerge, the engines have to be adopted. In this paper, we want to show how a workflow engine can be designed to support different workflow languages and different domains - an extensible multi-purpose workflow engine. Our approach for this kind of engine is based on a workflow net engine that allows us to support most of the existing workflow languages. To support different tasks of different specifications, we integrated object roles in our engine. This extension of the object-oriented paradigm allows flexible runtime adaptations and extensions. Thus, we are able to add new domain specific functions to our engine at runtime, even if the original process language does not support them.

Paper Nr: 3

Sensors and Guards in a Context-aware Workflow Environment


Nico Kerschbaumer and Johann Eder

Abstract: We propose a system for integrating context awareness in workflow management. The context is captured via simple or complex sensors. The workflow management systems interacts with these sensors and can use data about the environment in making decisions about the control flow. Since the environment - and thus the context of workflow execution - may change, we introduce sensor guards which monitor the sensors during specified critical parts of the workflow execution and raise an exception when the data transmitted by sensors leave their expected ranges.