FTMDD 2011 Abstracts

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Paper Nr: 1

Bridging UML Profile Based Models and OWL Ontologies in Model-driven Development – Industrial Control Application


David Hästbacka and Seppo Kuikka

Abstract: Model-driven development is considered to improve productivity and quality in software application development. The increasing complexity in models and the number of modeling methods used requires new approaches for knowledge management to make the handling of models easier both during design and run-time. Modeling in MDD shares characteristics with ontology development. This paper discusses UML based models used in MDD and their relationship to OWL ontologies. A concept is proposed how to create ontologies corresponding to these models and how they can be used concurrently in supporting the application development. The main principle of the approach is the distinct separation of knowledge in the domain model and model instances. As a result the instance model transformations can be kept simple and corresponding ontology representations of application models can be used to support the development. Applications of the approach to model-driven development and engineering of industrial control applications are also discussed.

Paper Nr: 2

Ontology-based Semantic Annotations for Business Processes in BPMN2.0


Hui Liu and Jean-Pierre Bourey

Abstract: This paper analyzes the reason of BPMN emergence and points out that business processes in BPMN2.0 need semantic information to align Business and IT. In order to supplement semantic information in BPMN2.0, four methods of ontology-based semantic annotations are proposed and they are all built on the extension mechanism of BPMN2.0. The advantages and disadvantages of the four methods are subsequently discussed. This paper also discusses how semantic annotations benefit the vertical model transformation of business processes.