RTSOABIS 2011 Abstracts

Full Papers
Paper Nr: 2

Data Mapping Model for User Programmable Web-based Mashup


Eunjung Lee, Hyung-Ju Joo and Kyong-Jin Seo

Abstract: In this paper, we present a modeling tool for web-based mashups. This tool allows users to design data relays between mashup methods using an intuitive interface; the result is exported as a data mapping graph. We also present a method to generate client codes wherein the data mapping graph governs the navigation/mashup behavior by dynamically generated context menus.

Short Papers
Paper Nr: 1

Enhancing SOA Integration through Enterprise Services


Venky Shankararaman and Lum Eng Kit

Abstract: Service enabling packaged applications can provide greater flexibility and agility to business processes and thus can enhance SOA integration. In this paper we demonstrate using SAP tools a process driven composite application namely, Web Sales Process that leverages “enterprise services” from within the SAP ERP.