DCEIS 2016 Abstracts

Short Papers
Paper Nr: 2

Do IT Architecture Principles Contribute to IT System’s Requirements Realisation? - Research Definition of Measuring the Contribution of IT Architecture Principles to the Realisation of IT System’s Requirements


Michiel Borgers

Abstract: The aim of IT architecture is to focus on the essential requirements so the IT system will fit for its purpose. IT architecture principles are the cornerstone of the IT architecture and therefore important in realising the IT system’s requirements. Because the implementations of IT systems fail in many cases and there is no empirical evidence of the contribution of IT architecture principles, we want to investigate the added value of IT architecture principles. To do so we want to develop measurement instruments for both the IT system’s requirements realisation and the IT architecture principles. We then can correlate the empirical results of both measurement instruments so we can determine the extent of added value of IT architecture principles. This is the research definition paper.

Paper Nr: 3

Identifying Technical Debt through Code Comment Analysis


Mário André de Freitas Farias, Methanias Colaço, Rodrigo Oliveira Spínola and Manoel G. de Mendonça Neto

Abstract: In order to effectively manage technical debt (TD), a set of indicators has been used by automated approaches to identify TD items. However, some debt may not be directly identified using only metrics collected from the source code. In thie sense, this work aims to propose an approach to support and automate the identification and management of different TD types through code comment analysis by considering the developers’ point of view.