Information for Presenters


1.      The working language of the ICEIS 2000 conference is English.


2.      The duration of the presentation time will be 30 minutes.  This is divided into 20 minutes for your talk, with 10 minutes for questions and discussion.  Please keep strictly to the time guidelines.  The Session Chair will be instructed to ensure that you do not overrun.


3.      The following presentation support media will be available for your use.  If you require any other facilities, please inform the Conference Chair immediately.


PC with MS-Powerpoint and screen projection facilities

Overhead Projector (VU-graph)

Whiteboard (or flip chart) plus pens

35mm slide projector


4.      Please attend the room in which your presentation is to be delivered 15 minutes before the commencement of the session.  This will allow the Session Chair to confirm your attendance, and allow you to introduce yourself to him/her and familiarise yourself with the surroundings prior to your talk.  It would be most helpful if you could bring with you a single paragraph summary of your affiliation and research interests which the Session Chair can use to introduce you.


5.      We strongly recommend that you ensure that any presentation materials you use are legible, and of sufficient size to be easily read/interpreted.  If you have not previously presented to a technical audience, or are concerned about matters of style, delivery, and support materials, a guide to presentation skills is available for your assistance at the web address given below.


The file is entitled “Making Effective Presentations”, and is in MS-WORD format.  Whilst these are by no means the definitive guide, they may contain some ideas of use to you. 


The materials are subject to copyright by Archway Consultants Ltd., and all distribution rights other than personal use in association with this conference are withheld.


6.  We look forward to hearing your contribution at ICEIS 2000.



ICEIS 2000 Organising Committee