WPRIS'2001 - List of Accepted Papers:


Paper Title
12 Multi-Resolution Recognition of Printed Chinese Character with Wavelet Transform
22 Distance Bias Adjustment Bootstrap Estimation for Bhattacharyya Error Bound in Classifiers
30 Content-based Classification of Digital Documents
47 Hierarchical Classifiers based on Neighbourhood Criteria with Adaptive Computational Cost
71 Texture Images Classification in the JPEG Domain Using Soft Thresholding Function
72 Feature Selection Toolbox as a Multi-Purpose Tool in Pattern Recognition
86 On the use of Bernoulli Mixture Models for Text Classification
98 Automated Retrieval of Tables from Printed Documents
104 Page Segmentation of Chinese Newspaper
110 Automatic TV Advertisement Detection from MPEG Bitstream
134 Image Retrieval Via Isotropic and Anisotropic Mappings
193 Local Representations and a direct Voting Scheme for Face Recognition
229 A Spatial Method for Watermarking of Fingerprint Images
237 Hierarchical Word Clustering for Relevance Judgements in Information Retrieval
259 Document Organization and Retrieval using SOMS and Statistical Language Modeling
275 Ridges, Valleys and Hausdorff Based Similarity Measures for Face Description and Matching
303 Automatic Rural Road Inspection from Sets of Connected Edge Points
304 Improving the Robustness of Parametric Shape Tracking with Switched Multiple Models