5th International Conference On Enterprise Information Systems 
École Supérieure d' Électronique de l' Ouest - Angers - France - 23-26 April, 2003


Tuesday, April 22, 2003

14.20 –14:30 Welcome
  P. Isaias
14:30 –15:00 Indexing Broadcast News
  R. Amaral and I. Trancoso
15:00 –15:30 Web site Naming and Search Engines
  C. Rose
15:30 –16:00 Personalization to Improve Searching in a Digital Library
  O. Licchelli, L. Esposito, G. Semeraro and L. Bordoni
16:00 –16:30 Coffee Break
16:30 –17:00 A Framework for Integration of Heterogeneous Systems
  R. Iqbal, A. James and R. Gatward
17:00 –17:30 How to Display Search Results in Digital Libraries - User Study
  O. Drori
17:30 –18:00 Identifying the Subject of Documents in Digital Libraries Automatically Using Frequently-Occurring Words - Study and Findings
  O. Drori

Workshop Dinner


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