10:00 Welcome Desk & Registration (10:00 - 10:30)
10:30 - 11:30 - Room 2E Managing Online Business Communities Keynote Speaker: Steffen Staab
11:30 - 13:00 - Room 101E Parallel Session 4 - Databases and Information Systems Integration
  • 240: Mining Generalized Association Rules using Fuzzy Ontologies with Context-based Similarity Rodrigo Moura Juvenil Ayres and Marilde Terezinha Prado Santos
  • 46: Labeling Methods for Association Rule Clustering Veronica Oliveira de Carvalho, Daniel Savoia Biondi, Fabiano Fernandes dos Santos and Solange Oliveira Rezende
  • 210: DISEArch - A Strategy for Searching Electronic Medical Health Records David Elias Peña Clavijo, Alexandra Pomares Quimbaya and Rafael A. Gonzalez
  • 267: An Idea for Universal Generator of Hypotheses Grete Lind and Rein Kuusik
11:30 - 13:00 - Room 102E Parallel Session 4 - Information Systems Analysis and Specification
  • 10: Storm as a Model for Measuring Understanding of Electrical Field Miriam Martínez Muñoz, Jose Antonio Gutiérrez de Mesa and Lourdes Jiménez
  • 147: Ontology Support for Home Care Process Design Jonas Bulegon Gassen, Alencar Machado, Lucinéia Heloisa Thom and José Palazzo M. de Oliveira
  • 172: A Cooperation System based on Ontologies Mina Ziani, Danielle Boulanger and Guilaine Talens
  • 223: An Ontology-based Approach for Enabling Linked Data Capabilities to MOF Compliant Models Fernando Silva Parreiras, Gerd Gröner and Tobias Walter
11:30 - 13:00 - Room 103E Parallel Session 4 - Software Agents and Internet Computing
  • 153: Lightweight Web Application Framework and Its Application - Helping Improve Community Bus Timetables after Japan Earthquake Yu Kitano, Hiroki Suguri and Atsushi Togashi
  • 224: Discoverying Cloud Services by Preconditions and Effects for Compositions Lorena Erdens, Daniela Barreiro Claro, Denivaldo Lopes and Patrick Albers
  • 279: ICT Adoption and Organizational Change - An Innovative Training System on Industrial Automation Systems for Enhancing Competitiveness of SMEs Nunzio Casalino, Marisa Ciarlo, Marco De Marco and Mauro Gatti
11:30 - 13:00 - Room 203E Parallel Session 4 - Enterprise Architecture
  • 137: Evolution of Enterprise Architecture Discipline - Towards a Unified Developing Theory of Enterprise Architecture Body of Knowledge as an Evolving Discipline Hadi Kandjani and Peter Bernus
  • 40: A Case Study on Modeling of Complex Event Processing in Enterprise Architecture Hyeonsook Kim and Samia Oussena
  • 276: Enterprise Architecture Performance Management - A Context based Approach to EA Metrics Definition Anuj Kumar and Premnath S.
13:00 Lunch (13:00 - 14:15)
14:15 - 15:45 - Room 203E Parallel Session 5 - Artificial Intelligence and Decision Support Systems
  • 111: Design of Human-computer Interfaces in Scheduling Applications Anna Prenzel and Georg Ringwelski
  • 139: Application of an Artificial Immune System to Predict Electrical Energy Fraud and Theft Mauricio Volkweis Astiazara and Dante Augusto Couto Barone
  • 180: A Hybrid Solver for Maximizing the Profit of an Energy Company Łukasz Domagała, Tomasz Wojdyła, Wojciech Legierski and Michał Świderski
  • 195: Design and Implementation of a Service-based Scheduling Component for Complex Manufacturing Systems Lars Mönch
14:15 - 15:45 - Room 101E Parallel Session 5 - Information Systems Analysis and Specification
  • 38: Systematic Process of Conceptualization - For Enterprise Information System Renewal and Integration Kenji Nishioka and Koichiro Ochimizu
  • 44: Prioritization of Product Requirements using the Analytic Hierarchy Process Thomas Reichel and Gudula Rünger
  • 204: A Formal Compositional Verification Approach for Safety–Critical Systems Correctness - Model–Checking based Methodological Approach to Automatically Verify Safety Critical Systems Software Manuel I. Capel and Luis E. Mendoza Morales
  • 218: NorMAS-ML - A Modeling Language to Model Normative Multi-agent Systems Emmanuel S. S. Freire, Mariela I. Cortés, Enyo J. T. Gonçalves and Yrleyjânder S. Lopes
14:15 - 15:45 - Room 103E Parallel Session 5 - Enterprise Architecture
  • 54: FDMM: A Formalism for Describing ADOxx Meta Models and Models Hans-Georg Fill, Timothy Redmond and Dimitris Karagiannis
  • 30: Transforming Software Business Models into Business Processes Markus Schief, Amir Bonakdar and Tobias Weiblen
  • 96: Resource-oriented Consistency Analysis of Engineering Processes Bernhard Bauer, Thomas Eisenbarth, Christoph Frenzel and Benjamin Honke
14:15 - 15:45 - Room 102E Parallel Session 5 - Special Session on Semantic Computing and Ontology Engineering - SCOE
  • 1: Attribute Value Ontology - Using Semantics in Data Mining Tomasz Łukaszewski, Joanna Józefowska and Agnieszka Ławrynowicz
  • 2: Ontology-guided Social Media Analysis - System Architecture Alexander Semenov and Jari Veijalainen
  • 3: Towards an Arabic Ontology - Defining Morpho-lexical Patterns for Semantic Relation Extraction Mohamed Mahdi Boudabous, Fatiha Sadat and Lamia Hadrich Belguith
  • 4: A Pragmatic Approach to Conceptual Negotiation Support Cristóvão Sousa, Carla Pereira and António Lucas Soares
15:45 - 16:45 - Foyer Posters Session 2
  • 39: Cultural Preference Identification for Cross-cultural Website Design Gatis Vitols, Irina Arhipova and Yukako Hirata
  • 59: Multi-layered Enterprise Modelling and Its Challenges in Business and IT Alignment Tomasz Kaczmarek, Ulf Seigerroth and Nikolay Shilov
  • 65: A Concept of eTraining Platform for Cardiology Learning based on SOA Paradigm Adam Piórkowski and Jan Werewka
  • 80: Modeling of User Adaptive Enterprise Applications Inese Šūpulniece and Jānis Grabis
  • 110: Modeling Dynamic Systems for Diagnosis - PEPA/TOM4D Comparison I. Fakhfakh, M. Le Goc, L. Torres and C. Curt
  • 113: On the Efficient Construction of Query Optimizers for Distributed Heterogeneous Information Systems - A Generic Framework Tianxiao Liu, Dominique Laurent and Tuyêt Trâm Dang Ngoc
  • 122: From a High Level Business Process Model to Service Model Artifacts - A Model-Driven Approach Mokhtar Soltani and Sidi Mohamed Benslimane
  • 134: iPhone Usability as Perceived by Novice Users Evanthia Faliagka, Maria Rigou and Spiros Sirmakessis
  • 136: Towards a User-centered Ubiquitous Customer Feedback Elicitation Framework Enrico Wieck and Jasminko Novak
  • 143: Generalized Independent Subqueries Method Tomasz Marek Kowalski, Radosław Adamus, Jacek Wiślicki and Michał Bleja
  • 198: Detection of Semantic Relations between Business Process Activity Labels Lobna Makni, Nahla Zaaboub Haddar and Hanene Ben Abdallah
  • 208: Benchmarking with TPC-H on Off-the-Shelf Hardware - An Experiments Report Anna Thanopoulou, Paulo Carreira and Helena Galhardas
  • 255: Toward Enabling IS Agility with Initiatives Wanda Opprecht, Anastasiya Yurchyshyna and Michel Léonard
  • 263: Strategic Alignment Model Revisited - Considerations of Business-IT Alignment Formative Factors Shuhei Kudo, Kayo Iizuka and Michiko Miyamoto
  • 274: Indoor Location Estimation in Sensor Networks using AI Algorithm József Dániel Dombi
  • 278: In Need of Change: The Scientific Practice of Representing Business Models - Position Paper Thomas John and Dennis Kundisch
16:15 Coffee-Break (16:15 - 16:30)
16:45 - 18:15 - Room 101E Parallel Session 6 - Databases and Information Systems Integration
  • 144: An Efficient Sampling Scheme for Approximate Processing of Decision Support Queries Amit Rudra, Raj Gopalan and Narasimaha Achuthan
  • 14: Product Quantization for Vector Retrieval with No Error Andrzej Wichert
  • 27: A UML & Spatial OCL based Approach for Handling Quality Issues in SOLAP Systems Kamal Boulil, Sandro Bimonte and Francois Pinet
16:45 - 18:15 - Room 203E Parallel Session 6 - Artificial Intelligence and Decision Support Systems
  • 20: Semantic Similarity between Queries in QA System using a Domain-specific Taxonomy Hilda Kosorus, Andreas Bögl and Josef Küng
  • 41: Construction of Fuzzy Sets and Applying Aggregation Operators for Fuzzy Queries Miroslav Hudec and Frantisek Sudzina
  • 88: Towards Automated Logistics Service Comparison - Decision Support for Logistics Network Management Christopher Klinkmüller, Stefan Mutke, André Ludwig and Bogdan Franczyk
  • 261: Node Positioning - Application for Wireless Networks Industrial Plants Pedro H. G. Coelho, Jorge L. M. do Amaral and José F. do Amaral
16:45 - 18:15 - Room 103E Parallel Session 6 - Software Agents and Internet Computing
  • 72: Effects of the Placement of Diverse Items in Recommendation Lists Mouzhi Ge, Dietmar Jannach, Fatih Gedikli and Martin Hepp
  • 132: A Mediator Architecture for Context-aware Composition in SOA Hicham Baidouri, Hatim Hafiddi, Mahmoud Nassar and Abdelaziz Kriouile
  • 238: Management of User Preferences and Conflicts to Ubiquitous Applications Adaptation Salima Bourougaa-Tria, Hassina Seridi-Bouchelaghem and Farid Mokhati