11:30 - 13:00 - Room A-304 - LEPRINCE RINGUET Parallel Session 4 - Databases and Information Systems Integration
  • 82: ERP Integration - A Systematic Mapping Study Tommi Kähkönen and Kari Smolander
  • 58: Data Location Optimization Method to Improve Tiered Storage Performance Shinichi Hayashi and Norihisa Komoda
  • 85: Enterprise Resource Planning Systems - Streamlining Upgrade Decisions Gerald Feldman, Hanifa Shah, Craig Chapman and Ardavan Amini
  • 127: Ontology in the Core of Information Management - Information Management in Infrastructure Building Irina Peltomaa and Esa Viljamaa
11:30 - 13:00 - Room A-306 - PLANCK Parallel Session 4 - Artificial Intelligence and Decision Support Systems
  • 160: Updating Strategies of Policies for Coordinating Agent Swarm in Dynamic Environments Richardson Ribeiro, Adriano F. Ronszcka, Marco A. C. Barbosa, Fábio Favarim and Fabrício Enembreck
  • 126: A Modeling Environment for Normative Multi-Agent Systems Emmanuel S. S. Freire, Robert M. Rocha Júnior and Mariela I. Cortés
  • 188: Virtual Tourist Hub for Infomobility - Service-Oriented Architecture and Major Components Alexander Smirnov, Alexey Kashevnik, Nikolay Teslya and Nikolay Shilov
11:30 - 13:00 - Room A-307 - EINSTEIN Parallel Session 4 - Information Systems Analysis and Specification
  • 179: Evolutionary Learning of Business Process Models from Legacy Systems using Incremental Process Mining André Cristiano Kalsing, Cirano Iochpe, Lucinéia Heloisa Thom and Gleison Samuel do Nascimento
  • 124: Ontology Evolution in the Corporate Semantic Web Fatma Chamekh, Guilaine Talens and Danielle Boulanger
  • 128: A Conceptual Framework to Classify Strategic Information Systems Planning Methodologies Hadi Kandjani, Amir Mohtarami, Amirhossein Eslami Andargoli and Reza Shokoohmand
  • 273: Ontologies as Theories Marco A. Casanova, Angela Pinheiro, Jose Antonio F. Macedo, Eveline Sacramento and Vania M. P. Vidal
11:30 - 13:00 - Room A-305 - SHANNON Parallel Session 4 - Software Agents and Internet Computing
  • 73: Some Insights into the Role of Social Media in Political Communication Matthias Roth, Georg Peters and Jan Seruga
  • 121: Developing and Testing a Model to Understand Relationships between e-Learning Outcomes and Human Factors Sean B. Eom and Nicholas J. Ashill
11:30 - 13:00 - Room A-308 - SCHRODINGER Parallel Session 4 - Human-Computer Interaction
  • 244: How are they Watching Me - Learning from Student Interactions with Multimedia Objects Captured from Classroom Presentations Caio Cesar Viel, Erick Lazaro Melo, Maria da Graça C. Pimentel and Cesar A. C. Teixeira
  • 103: The NInA Framework - Using Gesture to Improve Interaction and Collaboration in Geographical Information Systems Daniel Y. T. Chino, Luciana A. S. Romani, Letricia P. S. Avalhais, Willian D. Oliveira, Renata R. V. Gonçalves, Caetano Traina Jr. and Agma J. M. Traina
  • 104: Exploring Human Computation and Social Computing to Inform the Design Process Roberto Romani and Maria Cecília Calani Baranauskas
  • 216: HCI Architecture for Deaf Communities Cultural Inclusion and Citizenship Laura S. García, Cayley Guimarães, Diego R. Antunes and Sueli Fernandes
11:30 - 13:00 - Room D002 - JEANNETEAU Special Session on Information Value Management - IVM
  • 2: The Analytical Approach to Information Value Management Diego Abbo
  • 3: The Value of Good Data - A Quality Perspective - A Framework for Discussion Tony O'Brien, Arun Sukumar and Markus Helfert
  • 4: Data, Ontologies and Decision Making - An Inter-disciplinary Case Study Stephen Dobson, Arun Sukumar and Tony O'Brien
13:00 Lunch (13:00 - 14:15)
14:15 - 15:45 - Room A-304 - LEPRINCE RINGUET Parallel Session 5 - Databases and Information Systems Integration
  • 27: An Analysis of Supply Chain Collaboration and Its Impact on Firm Performance - An Integration of Social Capital, Justice, and Technology Use Mai-Lun Chiu, Chu-Ying Fu and Ing-Long Wu
  • 139: Fairtrace - A Semantic-web Oriented Traceability Solution Applied to the Textile Traceability Bruno Alves, Michael Schumacher, Fabian Cretton, Anne Le Calvé, Gilles Cherix, David Werlen, Christian Gapany, Bertrand Baeryswil, Doris Gerber and Philippe Cloux
  • 198: A Data-adaptive Trace Abstraction Approach to the Prediction of Business Process Performances Antonio Bevacqua, Marco Carnuccio, Francesco Folino, Massimo Guarascio and Luigi Pontieri
14:15 - 15:45 - Room A-307 - EINSTEIN Parallel Session 5 - Information Systems Analysis and Specification
  • 33: Application Engineering for Embedded Systems - Transforming SysML Specification to Simulink within a Product-Line based Approach Vanderson H. Fragal, Rogério F. Silva, Itana M. S. Gimenes and Edson A. Oliveira Júnior
  • 111: Dependability Testing of MapReduce Systems João Eugenio Marynowski, Andrey Ricardo Pimentel, Taisy Silva Weber and Antonio Junior Mattos
  • 293: Impressionism in Cloud Computing - A Position Paper on Capacity Planning in Cloud Computing Environments Ivan Carrera Izurieta and Cláudio Resin Geyer
14:15 - 15:45 - Room A-306 - PLANCK Parallel Session 5a - Information Systems Analysis and Specification
  • 32: Service Call Graph (SCG) - Information Flow Analysis in Web Service Composition Ziyi Su and Frédérique Biennier
  • 120: Perspectives on using Actor-Network Theory and Organizational Semiotics to Address Organizational Evolution Alysson Bolognesi Prado and Maria Cecilia Calani Baranauskas
  • 143: Conceptual Framework for Design of Collaborative Environments - Cultivating Communities of Practices for Deaf Inclusion Daniela de Freitas Guilhermino Trindade, Cayley Guimaraes and Laura Sanchez Garcia
  • 151: A Meta Model for Monitoring Requirements in Cloud Environnment Rima grati, Khouloud Boukadi and Hanêne Ben-Abdallah
14:15 - 15:45 - Room A-305 - SHANNON Parallel Session 5 - Software Agents and Internet Computing
  • 91: Electronic Exercises for the Metra Potential Method Markus Siepermann, Christoph Siepermann and Richard Lackes
  • 220: Seeding the Cloud with Students from Every Computer Science Undergraduate Program Joel Hollingsworth and David J. Powell
  • 309: Towards a Pattern-based Adaptive Approach for Instructional Design based on Teacher's Pedagogical Design Scheme Jean-Pierre Clayer, Claudine Toffolon and Christophe Choquet
14:15 - 15:45 - Room A-308 - SCHRODINGER Parallel Session 5 - Enterprise Architecture
  • 109: Intentional Modeling for Problem Solving in Enterprise Architecture Sagar Sunkle, Vinay Kulkarni and Suman Roychoudhury
  • 138: Complex Event as an Core Aspect of Enterprise Architecture - EDEMF: Event Driven Enterprise Architecture Modeling Framework Hyeonsook Kim, Samia Oussena and Peter Komisarczuk
  • 221: Automating the Architecture Evaluation of Enterprise Information Systems Felipe Pinto, Uirá Kulesza and Eduardo Guerra
15:45 - 16:45 - Foyer Posters Session 2
  • 7: Social Robots, Cross-cultural Differences Ana R. Delgado and Margarita G. Marquez
  • 21: Artefact-oriented Business Process Modelling - An Ontological Dependency Approach Yu-Chun Pan, Yinshan Tang and Stephen R. Gulliver
  • 43: EASI! Enterprise Architecture for Seamless Integration Bruno Traverson
  • 52: A Survey on Time-aware Business Process Modeling Saoussen Cheikhrouhou, Slim Kallel, Nawal Guermouche and Mohamed Jmaiel
  • 56: Emotion Recognition through Keystroke Dynamics on Touchscreen Keyboards Matthias Trojahn, Florian Arndt, Markus Weinmann and Frank Ortmeier
  • 63: A Generic Workflow Metamodel to Support Resource-aware Decision Making Ravi Ramdoyal, Christophe Ponsard, Myriam-Amina Derbali, Gabriel Schwanen, Isabelle Linden and Jean-Marie Jacquet
  • 77: Towards Enterprise Management Systems - A Generic and Flexible Information Representation Approach Andreas Lux, Jörg Hess and Rudi Herterich
  • 117: Enhancing Enterprise Information Systems Synergy in Disaster Management Ovidiu Noran
  • 118: A Study of Cognitive Effort of Decision Makers with Different NC under Framing Chiung-Wen Hsu and Chen-li Kuo
  • 145: Discovering Potentials in Enterprise Interface Design - A Review of Our Latest Case Studies in the Enterprise Domain Christian Lambeck, Dietrich Kammer and Rainer Groh
  • 148: Software Project Management in Distributed Software Development Context Tania Fatima Calvi Tait and Elisa Hatsue Moriya Huzita
  • 149: An Adaptation Architecture of Multimedia Documents for Management of the Quality of Service Farida Bettou, Mahmoud Boufaida and Ilhem Labed
  • 152: Effect of Product Type and Recommendation Approach on Consumers’ Intention to Purchase Recommended Products Yi-Cheng Ku, Chih-Hung Chan and Chin-Sheng Yang
  • 155: Enterprise Architecture Models - Description of Integrated Components for Validation - A Case Study of Student Internship Programme Joe Essien and Samia Oussena
  • 159: Analysis of Interoperability in the Queensland Disaster Management System Amirhossein Eslami Andargoli, Peter Bernus and Hadi Kandjani
  • 173: Model Transformation Recommendations for Service-Oriented Architectures Dmitri Valeri Panfilenko, Katsiaryna Hrom, Brian Elvesæter and Einar Landre
  • 181: Newer Approach to Flexible Business Architecture of Modern Enterprise Alexander Gromoff, Nikolay Kazantsev, Mikhail Ponfilenok and Julia Stavenko
  • 194: Quality of Experience in 3D Multimedia Antoine Lavignotte, Christophe Gravier, Julien Subercaze and Jacques Fayolle
  • 202: ExtraWeb - An Extrinsic Task-oriented Evaluation of Webpage Extracts Patrick Pedreira Silva and Lucia Helena Machado Rino
  • 217: HCI in Context - What the Words Reveal about It Samuel Bastos Buchdid and M. Cecília C. Baranauskas
  • 238: Usability of Knowledge Grid in Smart City Concepts Katarzyna Marciniak and Mieczysław L. Owoc
  • 240: Towards Security Awareness in Designing Service-oriented Architectures Pascal Bou Nassar, Youakim Badr, Frédérique Biennier and Kablan Barbar
  • 259: Design of Complex Spatio-multidimensional Models with the ICSOLAP UML Profile - An Implementation in MagicDraw Sandro Bimonte, Kamal Boulil, Francois Pinet and Myoung-Ah Kang
  • 280: Toward the Design of a Generic Model of Interoperability for SIEC - SIEC: Eco-design Information System Mengqiang Yang, Mongi Smati, Khalil Khalifa, Slimane Hammoudi, Olivier Beaudoux, Olivier Camp and Frédéric Saubion
  • 284: Towards a Process Patterns based Approach for Promoting Adaptability in Configurable Process Models Hanae Sbai, Mounia Fredj and Laila Kjiri
  • 289: Discovering the EIS Architecture that Supports Hub-and-Spoke Freight Transportation Networks Operating in a Cross Dock Mode Nick Szirbik and Paul Buijs
  • 302: Classification Model using Contrast Patterns Hiroyuki Morita and Mao Nishiguchi
16:15 Coffee-Break (16:15 - 16:30)
16:45 - 17:45 - Room D002 - JEANNETEAU Keynote Lecture Architecture-based Services Innovation Henderik A. Proper, Public Research Centre - Henri Tudor, Luxembourg