13:00 Welcome Desk & Registration (13:00 - 14:00)
14:00 - 14:15 - Room MR.10 Opening Session
14:15 - 15:30 - Room MR.10 Panel

"Information Systems for the XXI Century"

Ernest Teniente, Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Spain

George Giaglis, Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece
Witold Staniszkis, Rodan Development, Poland
Martin Mocker, MIT, USA and Reutlingen University, Germany
Ronald Stamper, Measur Ltd, United Kingdom
15:30 Coffee-Break (15:30 - 15:45)
15:45 - 16:45 - Room MR.10 Keynote Lecture Complexity in the Digital Age - How can IT Help, not Hurt Martin Mocker, MIT, USA and Reutlingen University, Germany
16:45 - 18:45 - Room MR.05 Parallel Session 1 - Databases and Information Systems Integration
  • 64: TIDAQL - A Query Language Enabling on-Line Analytical Processing of Time Interval Data Philipp Meisen, Diane Keng, Tobias Meisen, Marco Recchioni and Sabina Jeschke
  • 137: A Hybrid Memory Data Cube Approach for High Dimension Relations Rodrigo Rocha Silva, Celso Massaki Hirata and Joubert de Castro Lima
  • 198: Implementing Multidimensional Data Warehouses into NoSQL Max Chevalier, Mohammed El Malki, Arlind Kopliku, Olivier Teste and Ronan Tournier
  • 159: An Empirical Study of Recommendations in OLAP Reporting Tool Natalija Kozmina
16:45 - 18:45 - Room MR.06 Parallel Session 1a - Databases and Information Systems Integration
  • 14: Analysing Business-IT Alignment in the IT Outsourcing Context - A Case Study Approach Ekaterina Sabelnikova, Claudia-Melania Chituc and Jos Trienekens
  • 173: ERP in Healthcare Martin Mucheleka and Raija Halonen
  • 271: Discovering Business Models for Software Process Management - An Approach for Integrating Time and Resource Perspectives from Legacy Information Systems C. Arevalo, I. Ramos and M. J. Escalona
16:45 - 18:45 - Room MR.08 Parallel Session 1 - Artificial Intelligence and Decision Support Systems
  • 101: A Variable Neighbourhood Search for Nurse Scheduling with Balanced Preference Satisfaction Ademir Aparecido Constantino, Everton Tozzo, Rodrigo Lankaites Pinheiro, Dario Landa-Silva and Wesley Romão
  • 237: Un-restricted Common Due-Date Problem with Controllable Processing Times - Linear Algorithm for a Given Job Sequence Abhishek Awasthi, Jörg Lässig and Oliver Kramer
16:45 - 18:45 - Room MR.10 Parallel Session 1 - Information Systems Analysis and Specification
  • 28: R2BA - Rationalizing R2RML Mapping by Assertion Rita Berardi, Vania Vidal and Marco A. Casanova
  • 158: Semantic Annotation of Images Extracted from the Web using RDF Patterns and a Domain Ontology Rim Teyeb Jaouachi, Mouna Torjmen Khemakhem, Nathalie Hernandez, Ollivier Haemmerle and Maher Ben Jemaa
  • 254: JOPA: Accessing Ontologies in an Object-oriented Way Martin Ledvinka and Petr Křemen
  • 302: Monitoring the Development of University Scientific Schools in University Knowledge Management Gulnaz Zhomartkyzy and Tatyana Balova
16:45 - 18:45 - Room MR.09 Parallel Session 1a - Information Systems Analysis and Specification
  • 43: Fostering Reuse in Choreography Modeling Through Choreography Fragments Andreas Weiß, Vasilios Andrikopoulos, Michael Hahn and Dimka Karastoyanova
  • 55: On using Markov Decision Processes to Model Integration Solutions for Disparate Resources in Software Ecosystems Rafael Z. Frantz, Sandro Sawicki, Fabricia Roos-Frantz, Iryna Yevseyeva and Michael Emmerich
  • 342: BlueKey - A Bluetooth Secure Solution for Accessing Personal Computers Aziz Barbar and Anis Ismail
16:45 - 18:45 - Room MR.07 Parallel Session 1 - Enterprise Architecture
  • 27: A Comparative Study on the Impact of Business Model Design & Lean Startup Approach versus Traditional Business Plan on Mobile Startups Performance Antonio Ghezzi, Andrea Cavallaro, Andrea Rangone and Raffaello Balocco
  • 71: Relaxed Soundness Verification for Interorganizational Workflow Processes Lígia Maria Soares Passos and Stéphane Julia
  • 168: BPMN4V - An Extension of BPMN for Modelling Adaptive Processes using Versions Imen Ben Said, Mohamed Amine Chaâbane, Eric Andonoff and Rafik Bouaziz
  • 178: Petri Net Model Cost Extension based on Process Mining - Cost Data Description and Analysis Dhafer Thabet, Sonia Ayachi Ghannouchi and Henda Hajjami Ben Ghézala
  • 261: Extending WSLA for Service and Contract Composition Antonella Longo, Marco Zappatore and Mario Bochicchio
  • 304: Investigating Completeness of Coding in Business Process Model and Notation Carlos Habekost dos Santos, Lucinéia Heloisa Thom and Marcelo Fantinato
16:45 - 18:45 - Room MR.12 Tutorial
The Paradigm Shift in EIS
Jan Dietz, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
16:45 - 18:45 - Room MR.14 Tutorial
MEASUR - Methods of Analysis and Theory of Information Systems Based on the Concepts of Signs and Social Norms - Part 1
Ronald Stamper, Measur Ltd , United Kingdom
18:45 Welcome Drink (18:45 - 19:15)