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4th International Conference On Enterprise Information Systems 
Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha - Ciudad Real - Spain - 3-6 April, 2002

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Accepted papers for PRIS 2002

Title Author
Document Skew Detection based on Haugh-Transform Adnan Amin
Reversing and Smoothing the Multinomial Naive Bayes Text Classifier Alfons Juan
Clustering based on Dissimilarity First Derivatives Ana Fred
Hand-gesture based film restoration Attila Licsar
Using Pattern Recognition Techniques to Derive a Formal Analysis of Why Heuristics Work B. John Oommen
iris recognition system for person identification Christel-loic TISSE
Segmentation of digital angiograms with the connected elements histogram Darío Maravall Gómez-Allende
Enhancing Prototype Reduction Schemes with LVQ3-Type Algorithms Dr. John Oommen
Analysis of regular textures through spatial point processes Francesc J. Ferri
Representation of 2D objects with a topology preserving network Francisco Florez Revuelta
Applying data mining methods to toxicology: the case of pesticides data Giuseppina Gini
Indoor robot navigation with single camera vision Giuseppina Gini
Character recognition in containers Ismael Salvador
Evaluation of LDA based face verification with respect to available computational resources Jacek Czyz
Text classification based on posterior probability estimation and neural networks Jesús Cid-Sueiro
Binary feature classification for word disambiguation in statistical machine translation Jesús Tomás
A 3D Ultrasound algorithm with alignment and pre-processing compensation João Miguel Raposo Sanches
Automatic recognition system of human activities José Elías Herrero Jaraba
Feature extraction and classification of textile images José M. Valiente
Tree-structured representation of melodies for comparison and retrieval José Manuel Iñesta
Handwritten character recognizers that using tree-edit-distance and fast nearest neighbour search Juan Ramón Rico
A distributed architecture for content-based image retrieval in medical applications Mark Oliver Güld
Automatic Resource-aware Construction of Media Indexing Applications for Distributed Processing Environments Ole-Christoffer Granmo
Temporal-Semantic Clustering of News for Event Detection and Tracking Rafael Berlanga Llavori
Face Recognition Based on Combination of SVM with Nearest Neighbor Classifier Zhang Yankun


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