6th International Conference on
Enterprise Information Systems


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Page Setup:

          Paper Size: A4 (210x297 mm)

Document margins:

Top:             3,3 cm

Bottom:             4,2 cm

Left:             2,6 cm

Right:             2,6 cm

Header:              1,4 cm

Footer:              2,5 cm

Mirror Margins

Section break continuous

Diferent first page

Diferent Even and Odd pgs


First section - title, author(s), affiliation, keywords and abstract



Text in one column

Font Times New Roman


Centered, linespace 17pt

Font size 15pt, boldface, all caps


Centered, linespace 15pt

 Font size 13pt, boldface italic


Space before 24pt,

Centered, linespace 13pt

Font size 11pt

§      Space before 2nd author 12pt


Centered, linespace 11pt

Font size 9pt, italic

 Key words:

Space before 48pt,

Space after 0pt,

Hanging indent 2cm,

Justified, linespace 11pt

Font size 9pt


Space before 12pt,

Space after 30 pt,

Hanging indent 2cm,

Justified, linespace 11pt

Font size 9pt


Second section – paper contents and references



Text in two columns, width 7,5 cm each, spacing 0,8 cm

Font Times New Roman


1           Section titles:

2           (no dot after the number)

3           (tab de 0,5 cm)

Space before 24pt

Left, linespace 15pt

Space after 12pt,

Font size 13pt, bold face, all caps

·         First paragraph without first indent


1.1    Section subtitles:

1.2     (dot only on the first number)

1.3     (tab de 07,5 cm)

Space before 12pt

Space after 12pt,

Left, linespace 15pt

Font size 13pt, bold face

·         First paragraph without indent


1.1.1 Section sub-subtitles:

Space before 10pt

Space after 10pt,

Left, linespace 12pt

Font size 11pt, bold face

·         First paragraph without indent


Section text:

Justified text, linespace 11pt

Font size 10pt


Reference text:

Hanging indent 0.5 cm,

Justified text, linespace 11pt

Font size 9pt


Caption centered times 9pt:

Figure x: caption.

No bold face. No italics.

Figures in 2 columns at the top or bottom.



  • Affiliation should include Organisation, address and email.

  • References and Citations should follow the Harvard (or author-date) system convention. Check the example.


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